After that we will play in the buynba2k

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After that we will play in the buynba2k

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Manchester United coach Moyes said the NBA Live Mobile Coins team is very bright future. More interesting is that in this pre-press conference, Moyes also talked about Sir Alex Ferguson, said he coached the season of Manchester United, the results may not be stronger than now, "If this year Sir Alex Ferguson coached here, for He is also very difficult, I am sure he agreed with my point of view.It is clear that the team lineup aging, so this is certainly a tough season, no matter who coach this season,

Manchester United, are so. Time, Manchester United results mixed, but NBA Live 18 Coins Moyes firmly believe that the next week will become very good, first won the Aston Villa, and then won the Bayern Munich. "The players are very clear that the effect for Manchester United means that they know the burden on the shoulders of the players and I like the injured, we are very much like to reverse the decline, I hope to compete with Villa, we can do this.

We did not play well, it was very disappointing. Before Olympiakos and West Ham we played very well, I hope Vera can play when we show like West Ham. "Manchester United coach Moyes said," We are very clear, hope to a positive spirit to face Bayern Munich, and Aston Villa's performance, we are looking forward to. If we can copy the performance of West Ham on the road, I will be very satisfied.

After that we will play in the buynba2k week with the best team in Europe, this is my very long for the game. During the winter window, Liverpool coach Rogers hope to sign a winger, unfortunately, has missed the Salah and Kono Young Yang card. According to the fleet Street, the Red Army signed the edge of the transfer will be completed this summer, it is learned that the entry into the Rogers In the summer of 2011 to join Paris Saint-Germain, and signed a three-year contract, during which the two sides no longer renew, so the contract this summer to the next day,
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