Analysis of working principle of ultrafine grinding equipmen

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Analysis of working principle of ultrafine grinding equipmen

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Ultra-fine grinding equipment that can handle more than 200 kinds of materials is produced by Shanghai Shi Bang Machinery Co., Ltd. The machine is to absorb advanced Swedish machinery manufacturing technology and Germany and Japan advanced fineness grading technology, after many experiments by the state experts and the development of improvement, more than 200 kinds of materials for ultrafine mill, fineness of finished products Once up to 325-2500 mesh, the finest powder up to 3000 mesh.
Can handle more than 200 kinds of materials, ultra-fine grinding equipment, the composition of the structure, including the host, blower, analyzer, cyclone powder collector, dust collector and connected duct. Moreover, the equipment can also be based on the user's actual production needs, configuration lift, storage silos, electric control cabinet, to the powder machine, crusher and other auxiliary equipment.
Can handle more than 200 kinds of material ultrafine grinding equipment is very investment prospects. Looking at the development trend of all walks of life today, ultra-fine grinding technology has become a "popular trend." For example, the major downstream enterprises of ultrafine powder paper industry, paper sizing generally add 10% -20% of ultrafine powder, high grade copper paper, the addition of ultrafine powder is as high as 40% of the requirements of ultrafine powder Higher and higher. Therefore, the ultra-fine grinding equipment of the world will surely become the product that will lead the world trend of micro-powder mill.
1, inside the grinding chamber of the machine, the grinding roller assembly is hung on the grinding roller hanger through the cross arm axles, the grinding roller hanger is fixedly connected with the main shaft and the blade holder.
2, the work, the host motor through the reducer drives the spindle and the turntable rotation, the turntable driven by the pin dozens of rollers in the rolling ring rolling rotation, a large piece of material by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly to the turntable Of the middle, under the action of centrifugal force scattered around the circumference, fall into the ring raceway, and then by the roller rolling, grinding and crushing.
3, after crushing the material in the role of centrifugal force continues to scatter around the circumference, the material through the layer after the fall into the second floor and the third floor, so in the multi-layer crushed to achieve the required size.
4, the material reaches the third floor, by the high-pressure centrifugal fan suction effect was taken to the separator. Separator sorting materials, under the action of the blade, the unqualified coarse particles fall back and grinding, with the fine powder is passed into the cyclone powder collector to collect and discharge from the bottom of the discharge valve is the finished product, The gas flow with a small amount of fine dust is purified by a pulse dust collector and discharged through a fan and a muffler. This completes the ultrafine grinding task.
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