But the board is maddenvip

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But the board is maddenvip

Příspěvekod maddenvip » 11 srp 2017 09:16

The United States, the Madden Mobile Coins United States, the United States, Due to the presence of small Lucas, Mayne in Paris Saint Germain has not played the ball, the French league played only 11 times, including 5 times off and 4 starts were replaced in advance, the tournament 20 games contributed 2 The United States media "fast sports" pointed out that Liverpool and Arsenal want to sign the free body at zero zero, Rogers may promise the French winger high salary in the winger's position.

On Liverpool there are other goals, the Madden NFL 18 Coins British media "Mirror" brings the news is that Rogers also fancy Balas de Rusack, the player 27 years old Hungarian winger, played in Debrecen, Eindhoven and An Zhi, in January 2012 transfer to the current effect of the team in Moscow Dynamo. This season, De Ru Sake performance in general, the Russian Super League appearance 19 times only contributed 1 ball 2 assists, even so,

Liverpool coach Rogers is willing to gamble for him, it is learned that the Hungarian international is also the city of Liverpool rival Everton's prey.Although Liverpool this season, good results, but the board is maddenvip quite good, good In the single line of operations, coach Rogers do not have to worry about the rotation, but next season is not the same, when Liverpool more than a front of the war in Europe or even the Champions League, so this summer must add an important position, that is, in the current lineup,

Only There is Lucas a defensive midfielder. British media "fast sports" disclosure, Liverpool intends to introduce experienced Cedo - Keita to strengthen the midfield. Keita 34 years old, Mali international, in Marseille, Los Lyon, Lens, Sevilla, Barcelona and the Super League club Dalian Albin effect, the peak period is no doubt in Barcelona, ??he was in the Noucan The most glorious year was undoubtedly in 2009,
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