How to clean the printer internal parts?

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How to clean the printer internal parts?

Příspěvekod adtozhou » 20 říj 2017 04:03

1, samsung toner protection device: the printer's ink cartridges will have some pad, their role is to transfer paper in the drum system to absorb excess toner. The user can take it out of the machine and clean it in hand. Generally in the new cartridge will also contain a new pad.

2, the paper feed roller: they as the printer part of the transfer is responsible for the paper from the paper slot to the inside of the printer, but in the process, the paper is easy to stain the oil and dust will be precipitated on the drum, if Cleaning for a long time can cause paper jams or paper misfeeds, which is the most prone to failure of the printer. When cleaning the paper feed roller, we can clean the deposits with a cotton swab or a damp cloth with alcohol, and you can also buy a roller cleaner for some professional office equipment stores.

3, the coronal wire: used in the printer to send static special wire. Static electricity is used to attract toner to the paper, but the precipitation of dust will affect the efficiency of electrostatic use. Users can use the cotton cloth to gently wipe the dust, but please do not use alcohol or other solvents, they will affect the effect of the printer, usually in the old laser printer, the coronal wire inside the printer is bare. If the user can not find them, they can find their location through the printer manual.

4, the heat sink: it is similar to the internal computer, in a lot of printing equipment will have a ventilator inside, and laser printer with a fan, when it is easy to work all year long dust and dirt blocked. Therefore, we must ensure that the vents and fans of the pages are regularly cleaned to keep the air flowing inside the printer.

The above is the printer internal parts can be clean , but the small series to remind you that you want to clean the tn450, it should be noted that it is due to the use of high heat method of toner adsorption to the paper, should not just complete the task of cleaning the printer Work, we should also pay attention to all the parts with a temperature warning sign. In addition, we can also purchase special "cleaning paper" in some office supplies stores, they are covered with special paper, you can absorb the printer paper path of dust and excess toner, and because they will go through a complete print process, So the cleaning inside the printer is the most thorough.
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