inferior products wpc flooring

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inferior products wpc flooring

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wooden essential oils in addition to formaldehyde solution can be used for leather leather sofa, car interiors, etc.A humidifier is a common small home appliance, for autumn and winter, dry skin easily lack water, an air humidifier is put in the home, can increase the moisture in the air, relieves dryness of the skin.Under the house below small make up to introduce the air humidifier function and using method.The effect of air humidifier increase the air humidity. raise colour beauty, moist skin. for insomnia,

colds, coughs, asthma, skin allergies have assisted effect.4, prevent the flu spread quickly.The harm of air humidifier bought a humidifier of inferior products.Air humidifier hazards of the inferior products in many ways, the harm is bigger. the use of humidifier is not correct.Improper use of air humidifier, would let scattered in the dust, items of all kinds of microbes, at a comfortable temperature rapid reproduction,

the expansion of the bacteria, after the old man and the children and other vulnerable groups inhaled easy infection;Heater improper use will also cause the humidifying pneumonia ", this is because the air humidifier no regular cleaning, make the mold with microbes into the air, such as inhaled in the respiratory tract, is prone to "add wet pneumonia". humidifier charging.Recently, the Internet in the humidifier is a little "add", such as vinegar, radix isatidis, salt, disinfectants can have unexpected "refinement",
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