Jazz have had discussions about NBA Live Mobile Coins

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Jazz have had discussions about NBA Live Mobile Coins

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Jazz have had discussions about trading Trey Burke.Feb. 16: Suns are seeking a young player and first-round pick for Markieff Morris.Feb. 15: Al Horford may be available, but only for a steep price.Feb. 15: Cavaliers arewilling to part with NBA Live Mobile Coins Iman Shumpert.Feb. 15: Ben McLemoreis working with the Kings to find a new home via trade, possibly with the Cavaliers.Feb. 15: Knicks selling other teams on Jose Calderon's leadership abilitiesFeb. 15: Nuggets turned down Clippers' blockbuster offer for Blake Griffin.Feb. 15: Dwight Howard for Hassan

Whiteside dealbeing discussed, butit's not feasible.Feb. 15: Clippers are actively trying to trade Blake Griffin after allFeb. 15: Cavaliers pursuing Kosta Koufos from KingsFeb. 15: Ricky Rubio is "readily available," but an actual tradeseems unlikely.Feb. 13: Carmelo

Anthony shoots down wild three-way rumorinvolving Cavaliers, Celtics, Kevin LoveFeb. 11: Rockets "actively" trying to trade Dwight HowardFeb. 11: Hawks, Magic discuss Jeff Teague-for-Victor-Oladipo framework.That'd be bad for OrlandoFeb. 10: Raptors interested in

Thaddeus YoungFeb. 9: Hawks consider blowing it up. Pacers interested in Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Jeff Teague. Magic interested in everything. Cavslooking at Kyle Korver.Feb. 8: Magic open to dealing Tobias Harris. He's intriguing.Feb. 5: Clippers have talked with Denver about trading Blake GriffinFeb. 5: Greg Monroe's already on the trade block, six months after being signedFeb. 4: Nets Daily reports.

Brandon Jennings for Thaddeus Young won't happenFeb. 3: The Raptors may be interested in Markieff MorrisFeb. 3: Dwight Howard to Boston doesn't make much senseFeb. 2: The Clippers want to trade for Rudy GayFeb. 2: Don't rule out the Hawks trading Al HorfordFeb. 1.
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