Raymond mill powder dust caused by the reasons

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Raymond mill powder dust caused by the reasons

Příspěvekod crushermachine169 » 29 pro 2017 02:45

Raymond mill is a common milling equipment, in the milling of the material production, the production of certain dust is inevitable. Therefore, in order to prevent a large number of dust on the environment pollution, we Raymond grinding production line are generally equipped with different dust removal equipment to reduce dust flying in milling operations. However, some users in the use of Raymond mill process, if improper operation or dust can not be well controlled, but there will be raymond mill dusting phenomenon. So, what causes Raymond Mill dusting?
First of all, Raymond mill is the use of circulating air design, under normal circumstances, with the milling operation, Raymond mill inlet intake should be inward, the outlet out of the wind . If the device's damper is closed, it will cause the air volume can not be well circulated, resulting Raymond mill inlet dusting out. So, when a small Raymond mill powder situation, we first need to detect whether the two devices are in the closed state of the damper.
Secondly, during the operation of the Raymond mill, if there is a leak in the connecting pipe of the equipment, suction phenomenon will occur in the leak area. Therefore, during the process of using the Raymond mill, once the dusting phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to check the connecting pipe of the Raymond mill to prevent air leakage.
Third, Raymond mill dust removal device, mainly as a removal of dust generated in the grinding production, the cooling effect on the device, and to maintain a good exhaust equipment. If the dust filter exhaust poor, or even blockage, it is easy to cause Raymond mill dusting. Therefore, we are in the milling operation, we must ensure that the dust removal equipment good ventilation effect, the dust bag once a day pat.
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