Reduce the abrasion of bluestone sand making machine can imp

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Reduce the abrasion of bluestone sand making machine can imp

Příspěvekod crushermachine169 » 09 led 2018 03:51

In the process of using the bluestone sand machine, the parts which are in contact with each other can generate a large amount of heat in a short time due to mutual friction when the parts are worn or worn. As a result, the temperature of the part rises rapidly in a short time , Viewing the temperature of the corresponding connected components is one of the most commonly used methods for performing more severe wear checks. In addition, bluestone sand making equipment during the use of jarring sound or foreign body impact, in some cases can also be used as a method of machine wear or damage identification.
Humidity of the material is also an important factor affecting the output of the bluestone sand making machine. The moisture of the material is the moisture content of the material of your choice. In this case, the crushed material will easily stick to the inside of the equipment, resulting in The material under the mouth blocked, so in this SBM remind everyone in the broken material must be done before the water treatment. We talk about the wear resistance of the device, if the bluestone sand machine wear resistance is not good, in the process of running equipment will be prone to wear and tear of the status of the overall decline in the ability to crush, which will affect the bluestone sand machine equipment Production problems.
SBM Heavy Industries's "nanny" service concept has been fully implemented. As the name suggests, is the thoughtful service before and after, there is no size. Pre-sales information and precautions, after-sales service indicators, a variety of information training. Various skills and data analysis This is the heterogeneous services, such as bluestone sand machine production and put into operation, how to better maintain, how to better ensure the efficiency of production, which are services projects, not only Just a quick fix after something goes wrong.
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Re: Reduce the abrasion of bluestone sand making machine can

Příspěvekod ahlinyaobatherbal » 10 led 2018 02:10

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