something that will meet your necessities

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something that will meet your necessities

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JERUSALEM — Pepper spray is flying off stores shelves and Israelis are stocking up on guns amid a wave of random "lone wolf" stabbing attacks by Palestinians.
"It's scary Cheap Timberwolves Jerseys ," Jerusalem resident Ben Zucher told NBC News not long after leaving a weapons shop. "When you walk down the streets you need to look around and make sure you know what's going on around you."
A spate of stabbings and clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces have left seven Israelis and 33 Palestinians dead since the beginning of October.
While security has been stepped up and troops have been deployed in Jerusalem, knife attacks are almost impossible to predict and potential assailants difficult to identify. Suspects have been aged as young as 13.
FROM OCT. 14: Palestinian Wielding Knife Shot Dead by Israeli Police Before NBC Cameras
Some stores have sold out of pepper spray.
Shulamit Cohen, a jewelry shop employee in Jerusalem, said the incidents had left her on edge and nervous everywhere she goes.
"We look over our shoulders," Cohen said. "I bought pepper spray, if someone comes to me I will spray him and hope nothing happens. It's in my pocket all the time."
Jerusalem resident Nadi Cherna showed off a "gun that shoots tear gas."
She added: "I bought this because terrorists are in this area and we need to protect ourselves."
Image: Nadi Cherna
Nadi Cherna NBC News
Many streets in the city were quieter than usual on Thursday as many Arab and Jewish residents stayed home and avoided public transport amid fears of potential attacks.
"Arabs are afraid from the police, Jews are afraid to go out because they are worried not only for their own life but for their parents and kids Wholesale Anthony Brown Jersey ," said Nathaniel Yosifun, a local businessman.
Jeffry Max, a busker on the street in central Jerusalem, insisted he is not afraid.
"I carry this thing around just in case I can help someone," Max said, displaying a pistol.
Israel announced a relaxation of the nation's gun laws on Wednesday, widening civilian access to weapons permits. Teachers in Jerusalem's Jewish orthodox community Wholesale Taj Gibson Jersey , for example, could be eligible for a special permit to possess a weapon under the new rules.
Some concerned civilians visited the Mitvach Adumim gun range in Ma'ale Adumim — a Jewish settlement outside Jerusalem — where manager Gabi Efrat-Begin said business was "very good."
"Everybody come and buy everything for their protection," Efrat-Begin said. "They are looking about guns ... they buy pepper spray, whatever they can get."
US Airways Flight 1939 will leave Philadelphia early Friday and make stops in Charlotte and Phoenix before landing in San Francisco. At 9:55 p.m., the flight will head back to Philadelphia, with a scheduled touchdown at 6:18 a.m. Saturday.
Special gate and in-flight events, including special meals Wholesale Justin Patton Jersey , cookies and champagne toasts, will take place along the way, but as of Saturday at 12:01 a.m., the 76-year-old airline will officially cease to exist and become part of American Airlines.
As part of that changeover following a two-year merger process, the two airlines' reservations systems also will become one.
Some past airline merger "switchover" days have not gone well, most notably when United Airlines adopted the reservation platform of Continental Airlines in 2012.
But "given that American has likely been testing this cut over for months, I wouldn't expect much in the way of major glitches Wholesale Jamal Crawford Jersey ," said FareCompare co-founder Rick Seaney.
He's right about the testing part.
An army of American Airlines workers has been testing and planning for what the carrier hopes will be a seamless and trouble-free transition.
Photo: US Airways aircraft lined up on the tarmac.
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