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Gloss PE painted aluminum coil for sale

PříspěvekNapsal: 13 zář 2017 09:39
od Sebahtstian

After the unpolished alu coil is washed, chromized, roller painted, baked, there will be paint coating with many colors on the surface, and then the color coated aluminum coil is got.

With the advantages of light weight, bright colors, easy processing and formation, no rust etc., colored aluminum is widely used in alu-plastic board, celluar board, insulation board, alu curtain wall, shutters, roll-up windows, AlMgMn roofing system, alu ceiling, household appliance and other fields.


Alloy:1100,3003,3004 etc.



Coating: polyester coatings,fluorocarbon coating

Color:All colors are available. The Ral Colours or Pantone color card is for your reference.

Applications: ali-plastic board, roofing material, wall surface, ceiling, alu curtain wall, composite board, poster board.

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